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Balancer Wallet

The ultimate one-stop BAL Wallet to securely Store, Send, Receive, Swap, Buy or Sell Balancer and more!

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Your One-Stop BAL Wallet

All your Balancer, DeFi, Web3, NFT & payment needs in one place!

Swap Balancer

Easily swap BAL at the best rates from within your wallet

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - Swap BAL
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Advanced BAL Wallet

Send, receive, request & manage your Balancer wallet in a single platform

Infinity Desktop Balancer Wallet - Best BAL Wallet
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DApp Store

Explore the world of Web3 and discover top DApps

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - DApp Store
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Buy & Sell Balancer

Buy & Sell BAL and hundreds of other cryptos with ease

Infinity Desktop Balancer Wallet - Buy & Sell BAL
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BAL Dashboard

Monitor your entire Balancer portfolio performance at a glance

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - BAL Dashboard
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DEX & Bridge

Instant decentralized swaps, and cross-chain bridging

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - Bridge & DEX Aggregator
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Web3 Browser

The first fully native, chain agnostic Web3 browser experience

Infinity Desktop Balancer Wallet - Web3 & DApp Browser
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Wallet Connect

Connect & transact with DApps across multiple supported chains

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - Wallet Connect
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BAL History

View all your Balancer transaction history, types and details

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - Complete BAL Transaction History
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Crypto News

Get all the latest crypto news & stay up to date with the space

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - Crypto News
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NFT Gallery

Collect, trade, view & manage all your NFTs in a single multi-chain wallet

Infinity Desktop Balancer Wallet - NFT Gallery & NFT Marketplace
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Monitor Balancer

Monitor the Balancer market in real-time to never miss a thing

Infinity Mobile Balancer Wallet - BAL Market Stats & Tracker
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About Balancer (BAL)

An decentralized AMM exchange for custom liqudity pools

Balancer is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that functions as a decentralized exchange and a self-balancing portfolio management tool, it enables users to create and manage customizable liquidity pools with multiple tokens.




BAL Price


BAL Marketcap


Volume (24h)


All Time High

One Wallet For All!

Access Balancer & millions of Assets within a single multi-chain crypto wallet

22+ Chains

800K+ Tokens

400M+ NFTs

100+ DApps

Your BAL Wallet Super App

Making DeFi & Web3 accessible and secure for all, unlock the power of owning your crypto assets and explore the decentralized world!


A self-custodial solution, maintain exclusive access and complete control over your Balancer wallet and digital assets at all times

Multi-Chain Native

Seamlessly onboard to Balancer and access multiple chains from within a single platform for complete interoperability

Unparalleled Security

Your security is our priority. Enjoy complete self-custody of your Balancer, fortified by the latest security measures

One-Stop All-In-One Platform

No more hopping between multiple apps, access all your Balancer needs in a single platform

Live Support

We are here for you, with quick solutions through our global live support and knowledge base

Complete Privacy

Relax knowing that you retain full control over your Balancer wallet & data. We don't track any personally information

What Users Say About Us

Join millions of decentralized BAL wallet users globally!


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The Infinity Wallet is like nothing you have ever used before. With it's ease to use simplicity, feature rich, crisp graphics and down to it's butter-smooth performance. It truly is the only digital asset wallet you will ever need.


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Seems to be very advanced wallet, I'm amazed. Design is perfect and features got everything relevant to start maintain every crypto needs for it's users. 5/5. Good job :)


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Infinity Wallet is the best multi cryptocurrency wallet to store your favourite coin/token, very easy to use and very smooth, special design. Absolutely the best wallet out there.


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I really enjoy using the Infinity Wallet. It is by far one of the most intuitive and user friendly wallets I have used. I think this wallet has the ability to make cryptocurrency accessible and understandable for those with little to no experience.


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A full customizable crypto-currency environment with market info, news, alerts, swaps and the most friendly-user wallet I've ever used, a bet in decentralisation is a bet in the future.


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A very convenient and secure crypto wallet that allows you to keep track of all your crypto assets and perform cross-chain swaps. Much more secure and reliable than Metamask, I recommend.

Ken Lee

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Great wallet consists of everything and user friendly


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I try to rate this plateform badly because I ve made a bad move by transferring my asset. I am so happy that I didn't do so. They help me find my mistake and recover my assets. I will support this project... it is the best wallet choice that I make for the last 10 years. Dont give it up guys!


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It has a fresh design making it easy to maintain multiple assets. Easy to secure and very natural in terms of use. The in wallet swap option makes it easy to trade between different alts without the hassle of using an exchange. It looks really promising for the future!


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The most versatile multi currency wallet. The layout is clean. Simple the best wallet at this moment.


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The most secure, solid desktop wallet I have used, beautiful interface, seamless swapping/transacting, custom assets, literally everything you want in a wallet, looking forward to their Mobile release as it will just blow everything out of the water!


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Fantastic wallet. Very minimalist, intuitive and modern. Never had any problems with it, and updates are frequent.


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Infinity Wallet is the best multi cryptocurrency wallet to store your favourite coin/token, very easy to use and very smooth, special desing. Absolutely the best wallet out there.

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