The Infinity Wallet evolution

This brand kit is for use of the Infinity Wallet logo in conjunction with our trademark guidelines

Brand conception

An unbound limitless future

The Infinity symbol that is part of our logo represents the meaning of unbound limits, when working together in unity to achieve a limitless future. A future that we are all part of and that will change every aspect of our lives forever. Interconnecting the world with infinite possibilities, achieved through clever utilization of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Interconnect and transact

The Infinity Wallet logo was crafted with great detail to represent our goals, vision and future. Unified with the Infinity symbol is an additional significance related to the dual arrows of the logo. Representing the perpetual flow of digital assets between interconnected users, in an ever growing future of limitless possibilities.

Logo usage

Remember to follow these guidelines, so our logo can always look at its best.

Infinity Wallet Usage Image 1

When possible make sure to always use our primary logo in the vertical lockup.

Infinity Wallet Usage Image 2

When the primary logo doesn’t fit your composition, use the horizontal lockup.

Logo variations

In some cases the subtext is too small to be visible, or the logo colors cant be represented. In all of these cases use different logo variations.

Infinity Wallet Claim Image 1
Infinity Wallet Claim Image 2

If the logo format is too small for our claim to be visible use the clear version.

When the primary logo doesn’t fit your composition, use the horizontal lockup.

Infinity Wallet Usage Dark Image 1
Infinity Wallet Usage Dark Image 2
Dark Background

If the background is too dark for the typography to be visible use the white logotype version.

Infinity Wallet Usage Symbol Image 1
Infinity Wallet Usage Symbol Image 2

In some cases (icons, pins, stamples etc.) it's allowed to use only the Infinity Wallet's symbol. Symbol usage should follow the same guidelines that apply to the full logotype.


Our logo should always have space to breathe.
We call the space around our logo the red zone. Please don’t put stuff in it.

Infinity Wallet Usage Branding Image 1
Infinity Wallet Usage Branding Image 2
Clearspace size

To make sure our logo is legible, and to maintain its integrity, keep the area surrounding it free of other elements.

Make sure that the minimum clearspace is the width of the Infinity Wallet's capital W.

System Designed for people

We work persistently to provide the best user experience, focusing to provide the best design and obsessing over every detail. This is why three fundamental design behaviours emerged; Usability, Motion and Clarity. Ensuring creation of the highest quality, professional and intuitive platforms.


Usability is the key to success for any product and this is why we are very passionate in providing users with the best experience possible. Ensuring easy to use and intuitive user interfaces, for all users whether novice or advanced. Providing a professional and unbeatable experience, pushing blockchain mainstream adoption ever closer.

Infinity Wallet Branding Usability

Motion for us is one of the final touches, providing users with a professional image. While enhancing the user experience and helping us stand out by providing fun, intriguing and interactive products that users love and want to use.


Clarity for us is one of the highest priorities, to ensure a slick, easy to use and understandable interface. Where at a glance a user can recognize exactly what each element does or will do. This is why we work relentlessly to ensure we create the most visually identifiable interfaces, in our goal to provide users with the best experience possible.

Infinity Wallet Multi-crypto Mobile Wallet