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Infinity Wallet 1.0.81-beta

Publicado el 19th September, 2021

Último lanzamiento

This update includes the whitelisting of 2 new tokens YSL and sYSL, along with improvements to wallet connecting.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.77-beta

Publicado el 4th September, 2021


With this update we have made many large changes to the overall infrastructure, along with several new features and support for new chains and tokens.

Version General Icon General

This release brings a full infrastructure update, helping to improve overall performance and speed. We have also integrated 2 new chains and whitelisted 3 new tokens, along with full support for the Polygon network with all its tokens and Dapps.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

Version Dot Icon Custom token importing is now supported making the Infinity Wallet open to over 120,000+ tokens across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Version Dot Icon Cross-chain sending between the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain is now possible, allowing easier onboarding between the two chains.

Version Dot Icon We have changed XRP, BTC and DOGE address generation to be compatible with other wallets.

Version Dot Icon Web3 has been updated for ETH, BSC and Polygon to be more efficient.

Version Performance Icon Diverso

We have integrated several new trading pairs for existing and new tokens. Additionally, with this update users will now be able to easily trade from BTC, ETH, LTC or any other supported chain or token to BNB BSC or BUSD BSC, providing easier onboarding to BSC for users, tokens and Dapps such as Infinity Crypto.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.74-beta

Publicado el 19th May, 2021


This is a minor update focusing primarily on fees related to Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.

Version General Icon General

We have added the ability to customize your gas price in Gwei when sending or interacting with Dapps or DeFi platforms, as this was a highly requested feature since the integration of the Binance Smart Chain in the previous update.

Infinity Wallet 1.0.73-beta

Publicado el 9th May, 2021


This update is one of our biggest updates ever and focuses on a wide range of improvements, more coins such as the new Metrix chain, integration of Dogecoin and Binance Smart Chain, along with 20 BSC tokens and 2 ETH tokens, including the new Shard tokens.

Version General Icon General

We have integrated full support for Binance Smart Chain and 20 BSC tokens, as well as support for WalletConnect using the Binance Smart Chain. We have also integrated the new Metrix chain and Dogecoin, as well as 2 new ETH tokens.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

We have updated transaction handling for utxo based blockchains, along with a wide range of further wallet improvements. Some issues with being unable to connect to the nodes have been fixed, with further BSC and ETH improvements to come in a later release.

Version Performance Icon Diverso

You can now see when a transaction is prompted to be signed when using wallet connect, as the Infinity Wallet will flash on the window bar, and we have fixed an issue reported by users related to closing the wallet on Mac.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.68-beta

Publicado el 12th April, 2021


We have integrated 3 new Ethereum tokens and upgraded certain network nodes for a better overall performance.

Version General Icon General

There has been 3 new tokens added to the wallet, as well as further improvements for faster transactions.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

The BTC, LTC and ETH nodes have been updated for better performance and to solve certain users firewall issues.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.63-beta

Publicado el 1st February, 2021


There has been 2 new Ethereum tokens added and additional support for connecting to defi platforms on different chains.

Version General Icon General

There has been two new tokens added to the wallet from the top 100, including BAT which won the twitter listing vote. Additionally wallet connecting with defi and dapp platforms has now been updated to support additional chains other than Ethereum, as well as integration for one click connecting which will be showcased first with platform X, making connecting easier than ever before.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

The Bitcoin transaction fee estimator has been improved to reduce cases of transactions taking longer than desired to confirm.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.61-beta

Publicado el 10th December, 2020


In this release we have added 3 new Ethereum tokens and further improved defi and dapp interaction via the wallet.

Version General Icon General

Three new tokens have been added to the wallet. Along with further Ethereum blockchain enhancements allowing for more fee customization and integration of better handling for interactions with Ethereum defi platforms and dapps, making decentralized finance easier.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.59-beta

Publicado el 25th October, 2020


This release focuses on improving the overall use of features in the Infinity Wallet, better fee selections and 2 new token integrations.

Version General Icon General

There has been many small improvements, such as the QR on request which will now be compatible across all devices by opening the website request link. We have made UI improvements and resolution fixes at certain sizers to improve the user interface, and added 2 new tokens.

Version Settings Icon Patch Fix

We have fixed some minor bugs such as reconnecting to nodes on certain users devices and improved the request link, which was only supporting amounts up to 1000.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

We have improved sending on the Ethereum network and optimized fees, so that transactions are processed fast and reliably. Request sharing has been updated to now show the amount with much clearer text.

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Infinity Wallet 1.0.58-beta

Publicado el 27th September, 2020


You can now better interact with your favourite dapps and defi platforms to enjoy all the benefits of magical beasts and digital food, with additional usability and information displayed, as well as a few UI enhancements.

Version General Icon General

You will notice a new loading screen when you first open the wallet, along with additional information and a better UI when connecting and interacting with defi platforms and dapps.

Version Settings Icon Patch Fix

We have improved support for unlisted ERC-20 tokens when connecting to dapps and defi platforms, as well as added ltc1 address validation.

Infinity Wallet 1.0.57-beta

Publicado el 16th September, 2020


Making your wallet a more fun and friendly place with additional UI improvements, along with Shard integration for swapping and minor bug fixes.

Version General Icon General

We have improved the overall user interface and user experience, along with optimized and smoother curved graphs providing that edge, with other small UI fixes.

Version Settings Icon Patch Fix

Fixed some minor bugs with coin stats and alerts, as well as Ethereum and ERC-20 token swap api changes.

Version Wallet Icon Billetera

Updated wallet transaction information on the my wallet and swap history pages to make the details more understandable.

Version Performance Icon Diverso

Shard has been integrated for direct swapping at floating rate between 4 pairs btc, ltc, bnb and xrp.

Infinity Wallet 1.0.56-beta

Publicado el 6th September, 2020


This release focuses primarily on some of the minor issues found during the open discord beta and marks the availability of Infinity Wallet for download via the website.

Version General Icon General

Version Dot Icon We have made a few UI updates to further enhance the user experience.

Version Dot Icon Upgrade to swaps to allow for faster and better rates.

Version Dot Icon Enhanced the usability for Mac users.

Version Dot Icon Ability to now see when trades are filled across decentralized exchange platforms such as Binance Dex.

Version Dot Icon Added additional custom logos for coins.

Version Settings Icon Patch Fix

Version Dot Icon Fixed certain windows compatibility issues.

Version Dot Icon Fixed a QR scanning issue affecting a small percentage of users.

Version Dot Icon Fixed individual coin graphs with real time updating of the latest prices to 7 day graphs.

Version Dot Icon Improved transaction scanning performance.